Luke Fowler

B8016, 2008

Luke Fowler and Lee Patterson

16mm film and live sound, 30mins

In 2008 Tate curator Alice Koegel invited several artists' to respond to La Monte Young's text scores "Draw a straight Line and Follow it". Our response to the score was to find a straight road and follow it, documenting the experience with 16mm film and sound, whilst collecting materials for live improvisation along the way. The film component is comprised of 10 rolls of film that are all edited in-camera. The rolls are shown and in chronoglical order - no further editing or colour correction is made afterwards.

We chose the B8016 on the isle of Islay, part of the Scottish Inner Hebrides to conduct our walk. This road from Port Ellen to Bridgend was chosen not just because it is long and straight, but because it crosses several types of terrain, including areas of the built and natural environment. It was the first time we made this walk. This activity shares concerns that are at the heart of both our practices: the art of observation - looking beneath the surface - and the art of collecting - reclaiming the undesired and overlooked.

The project had two further iterations in Ghent as part of the Courtisane Festival (2009) and in Dundee as part of Kill Your Timid Notion (2008)

Luke Fowler and Lee Patterson