Luke Fowler

Composition For Flutter Screen, 2008

Luks Fowler and Toshiya Tsunoda

16mm film, looper, bespoke screen, wires, vibration motors, fans, lights, custom switching box, contact mics

Composition for Flutter Screen, 2008, is a collaborative work with Japanese sound artist Toshiya Tsunoda. The film material records several simple experiments with objects: the surface tension in a glass of water, the changing light on a relief map, the wind blowing two candle flames. However, the viewer sees these images under the changing conditions of the room, highlighting the contingent nature of film viewing. The images also employ illusionistic techniques (depth of field, macro, 3-D representation of a mountain range), which throw the viewer into a state of uncertainty as to the authenticity of the images. Interventions (using a timer, amplified wire, fans, lights and a lightweight screen) are introduced in the film installation, disrupting the possibility of a traditional cinematic experience.