Luke Fowler

Gone Reflections part I, 2017

Quadraphonic outdoor sound installation

Lismore Castle Arts is proud to announce a new commission with the Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas, Texas. We have jointly invited and commissioned Luke Fowler to create a new sound work for both locations. The commission for Lismore will be located in Broghill’s Tower in the Upper Gardens.

Luke Fowler (b. 1978, Glasgow) is an artist, filmmaker and musician based in Glasgow. His films explores the rules and forms of biographical and documentary filmmaking; traversing diverse fields from sonic experience to marginalised cultural figures. For Lismore, he draws on practices of focussed listening and architectural acoustics to create a multi-channel sound installation. Using everyday objects found at the site to excite spaces both inside and outside the castle, Fowler has created a composition that subtly examines the material history of the castle and its acoustic design.

The exhibition is accompanied by a poster with a commissioned text by Frances Morgan.