Luke Fowler

No Interior, 2023

16mm film transferred to digital, surround sound, 15mins

Commissioned by Batalha Centro de Cinema and filmed over the course of the summer solstice festival of Saint John, which takes place on the 23rd June, right through to the next morning. The film records a subjective impression of Porto's mid-summer festivities of São João . This 14th century traditional pagan festival gives thanks to the sun god for good harvest and also involves an ancient courtship rituals of hitting the other with a garlic flower (now replaced with a plastic hammer). The festival is relatively unknown outside of Portugal and was previously documented by the esteemed Portuguese filmmaker Paulo Rocha in his 2001 film "As Sereias"

Sound Recording and Mix by Rafael Cardoso.

Music by Lionel Marchetti.

Camera Assistance by Vítor Rosário.

Procssing and postproduction at Color by Dejonghe NV.

Curated by Dario Oliveira and Garbiñe Ortega withing the context of OASIS

Supported by

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