Luke Fowler

Ridges on the Horizontal Plane, 2011

Luke Fowler and Toshiya Tsunoda

16mm projection, 6x6 slide projector, custom screen, piano wire, sound box, ebows

Ridges on the Horizontal Plane (2011) creates a series of cracks in the traditional experience of cinema going. Toshiya Tsunoda and Luke Fowler allow elements of chance into their installation employing a complex set of agents, each acting upon their own internal logic and rhythm.

‘The screen is like our retina. When the screen is fluttered by the fan, it touches the vibrating wires and alters the sound‘.*

In Ridges on the Horizontal Plane the artists fix their attention on breaking film down to two basic tenets; ”Light” and “Air Pressure”

‘The level and quality of light is intrinsic to how we perceive a space; as light levels fluctuate, the temperature and air pressure are simultaneously changed. These constantly shifting factors effect and create our perception of a place.’

For the first time the artists have combined 16mm film with a 6x6 slide carousel, creating a bi-polar projection.

‘Our sight chases the object that always moves. However, the images that occupy our memories are often a still image. Why? Perhaps its related to how we define ‘action’. So, we adopted not only 16mm film but also the still, slide photographs’

A continual presence in the installation is the titular ‘Horizontal Plane’. The line defines several thresholds; between the image and black, stillness and motion, the self and other and the sound and silence; the two thin wires dissecting the projection being in continual oscillation between excitation and mutability.

*All quotations are taken from unpublished texts, written by the artists.