Luke Fowler

The Room (2008 - )

Luke Fowler, Peter Todd and Keith Rowe

Live Performance of 16mm films and sound

The Room is a collaboration between three generations of artists- a research that revolves around the entity of the stanza. The Room depicts Industrial, office and domestic spaces - in each the residue of human activity resounds - by way of archival impressions or through personal effects. In several cases the three have been attracted by the spaces' specific acoustic qualities: hidden frequencies, acoustic phenomena, internal voices and interferences. Each has worked independently on the process of constructing the work: with each new presentation a new "room" is added, filmed by either Fowler or Todd. These have been filmed with a Bolex loaded with a single 100 foot reel of film- these new additions to "the room" adapt to the specifics of locale and context in each setting. Keith Rowe reinterprets these visual spaces live; with his own unique approach to playing the electric guitar. In this way, The Room takes the form of a fascinating artifice where the topography of an impossible geography blurs its borders and passes again through historical and personal space.